Facebook and Video: How Can Content Marketers Take Advantage?


By Gabbie Diassi

You've surely noticed that Facebook is obsessed with video, and that if you want optimum results on your Facebook posts, you have to play its game. As a brand, you should embrace this when planning your content strategy. Here are some facts about Facebook Video to consider when developing your calendars and content marketing strategies.

1.    First off, let’s talk about why Facebook favors video. In 2014, it decided that its algorithm would show more video content to those who watched it, and less to those who didn’t. As it turned out, the majority of Facebook users watched videos. This is especially relevant in Facebook’s Canvas platform. Canvas is an ad exclusively for mobile, and it’s one, big, long, panning, almost-360 video ad. While this feature is relatively new, the reaction so far has been extremely positive. Since seeing consumers’ positive responses to video, Facebook has been showing more and more videos to users, and even prioritizes videos to be at the top of users' News Feeds. While video might not be the most popular form of content for your brand’s consumers, it's the type that will ultimately be seen more by your audience.

2.    Speaking of being seen, brands are always concerned with impression numbers—a common question being, “How is it that my content had great engagement but a low number of impressions?” It all goes back to playing Facebook’s “video” game. As you read in Point One, Facebook pushes videos to the top of users' News Feeds. Video content is essential to increasing your organic reach and impressions. Finding the perfect balance between multimedia and still imagery is key: You don’t want to oversaturate your audience with too many videos, because that will have a negative effect on engagement. Plan to find the right combination.

3.    Get ahead of trends. Facebook will change and adapt as users change and adapt, and right now it's moving toward live content. It recently launched its Live Video feature, and reports say consumers spend three times longer watching those videos vs. others. Considering Facebook’s competition with Snapchat, this doesn’t seem like a feature that will diminish. Now is the chance for your brand to become a thought leader in social media. Go out and take advantage of those new features!

How does your brand embrace Facebook video? Share your thoughts with the Likeable Media team in the comments below!