3 Ways Brands Should Use Snapchat Stories

By Jessi Chang

Snapchat’s ever-growing improvements and updates can make it intimidating for brands to join the platform. But if your brand is considering Snapchat, I would suggest starting out by creating content or campaigns in Snapchat Stories. Snapchat Stories allow your audience to look at your content for 24 hours before they disappear. It also sends snaps to a bigger audience. Similar to the Facebook “Follow” option where other users can see updates on your page without being friends, once a user follows you on Snapchat he/she will have access to all your Snapchat Stories. Here are some ways your brand can use Snapchat Stories.

1. Live Events

Creating a series of snaps during a live event can help boost brand awareness. This is great for Social Media Marketing. The live event should somehow be related to the brand or have a similar demographic. Stories should be enticing and entertaining with a common theme or goal.

Example: Audi
Audi partnered up with The Onion to create Stories during the 2014 Super Bowl. The snaps were created by combining stock photos with clever captions that poked fun at the typical Sunday commercials and joked about the hype of the game and the halftime show. 

2. Takeovers

Connecting the right person to your brand is key. Takeovers are extremely effective because influencers already come with a large following. The influencer will typically ask their fans to to watch his or her story on the sponsoring brand’s Snapchat account. This will increase the brand’s following and awareness.

Ex: Sour Patch Kids
Vine star Paul Logan did a Sour Patch Kids takeover on the brands Snapchat channel. Logan was responsible for capturing his adventures with life-sized Sour Patch Kids. Undoubtedly, his stories were hilarious and entertaining.

3. Previews and Behind-the-Scenes

Brands with constant updates whether they are the fall collection of a fashion brands or introducing a new food product — have the opportunity to engage with their audience by giving them a first look of their products.

Ex: Free People
The brand is constantly providing sneak peeks of their new collections and behind-the-scenes snaps for their followers. Their employees also do “Question Wednesdays” to answer any questions followers may have. They are constantly having conversations and providing exclusive content which makes them very personal and relatable.

How has your brand used Snapchat Stories? Share your thoughts with the Likeable Media team below!