5 Traits of Valuable Social Media Insights

By Tim Bosch

Social media marketing insights help brands make better marketing decisions. Insights are generated by analyzing data and drawing conclusions. However, not all insights are created equal. When examining the quality of your insights, look for these 5 elements.

Contextually Relevant

In order to understand the importance of an insight, you need to appreciate the circumstances to why it is important. Utilizing a comparison benchmark is often the best manner of framing an insight. For example, if a mobile app usually generates 1,000 downloads per week, but this week it generated 1,400, then a relevant insight would be answering the question of why the surge of downloads happened.


You should always consider the audience for your insights and forecast any objections/questions that might come up. If, for example, you find a consistent pain point around your audience and you have data-backed insights on how to address this pain point, you will want to provide ample background information. Always deliver your qualitative insight with quantitative proof. For example, maybe there were 1,000 industry-wide mentions of this specific complaint over the past month. This preface will help sell in your valuable insight and prevent any unwarranted objections.


If you plan on generating regularly scheduled insights, there could be an impulse to recycle some old insights. The most valuable and exciting insights are new and unique. We become numb to certain insights if they reinforce, rather than challenge, our current beliefs. Obviously, the first time you expose a particular pattern, it will be more compelling than the 5th time. Always strive to uncover the unique insights that are out there waiting to be discovered.


Insights based on key performance indicators (KPIs) and other priority metrics provoke a sense of urgency. Any anomalies with KPI tracking must be addressed with a justification and next step (which leads me to the pinnacle of insights — actionable insights).


Insights that are coupled with an opportunistic, or corrective, next step are always ideal. Maximizing the actionable insights you receive from your analysis are vital to your data-driven success. An insight that drives action is more valuable than one that answers a question, particularly when said insight pushes you to innovate.


Do you love insights as much as we do? What’s the best insight you ever uncovered? Share your thoughts with the Likeable Media team below.