Food Brands that are Smart at Social

Smart Food

By Jaime Napier

Getting the attention of foodies is always a challenge for social media companies; there are always new products, new brands, and new trends!  Food lovers often spend lots of time on Instagram, but there are so many other ways to reach them, especially the younger foodie market. These food brands are doing a great job of keeping the attention of the notoriously fickle foodie audience.


Taco Bell shattered records like tortilla chips with their Cinco de Mayo Snapchat taco lens, receiving 224 million views in one day.  They also used Snapchat’s on demand geo-filters during the Quesalupa launch earlier this year, in addition to a Snapchat story that encouraged viewers to pre-order the new menu item. This yielded 40,000 pre-orders, according to Taco Bell’s Snapchat account.



Reese’s recently whipped followers into a peanut butter-fueled frenzy with a mysterious “leaked” Facebook post that hinted at a previously unheard of Reese’s Pieces and Cup combo. The post was shared 39,000 times.  They continued to tease fans via Twitter and Facebook until the final reveal a couple of weeks later, after the story had been picked up by most major food sites and internet news outlets.


Hidden Valley has teamed up with Tastemade and Thrillist to be featured in some of their wildly popular hyperlapse videos, in addition to making their own. They’ve also done promoted posts with Buzzfeed and coined the very active #rancheverything hashtag, which yields daily User Generated Content.


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