3 Perks of Creating a Customer Support Twitter Handle

By Emma Chainani

Do you ever go on a brand’s Twitter and see only customer service tweets? Do you have to scroll for ages before finding a positive reply or a tweet from their brand? It’s great that brands are using Twitter for customer service, but there’s a way to improve their methods: They can create a separate customer support handle. 

Many brands are hopping on the bandwagon of customer support handles, and here are some reasons that you should, too. 

1. To Consolidate

If your brand is receiving a large volume of customer service tweets, you might want to consider a separate handle. A separate account can benefit both the consumers and the brand. The consumers will have one place to go where all of the focus is on helping them. On the flip side, the brand will benefit because it will highlight the regular content and community management on the main Twitter account. 

2. To Reach the Right Audience

A separate Twitter account for customer service can also be used to share content that is relevant to current users only. For example, Best Buy shares tweets about product recalls so that their customers are aware of any potential problems. If your brand is experiencing any issues with the product or service they provide, a tweet on the customer service account will reach all of those coming to share their experience with the issue. 


3. To Reduce the Risk of Missing a Tweet  

If your brand is active on Twitter with community management and customer service, there’s a risk that your team may miss important tweets. With a separate Twitter account, you can ensure that you’re seeing all complaints in one place. This will allow your customer service team to dedicate their full attention to those who need help, and spend less time sifting through notifications. 

Do you know any other perks for having a customer service Twitter account? Share them with the Likeable Media team below!