4 Tips To Complete Your LinkedIn Profile


By Brian Murray

LinkedIn has been in the news a lot recently because they are being acquired by Microsoft. Regardless of whether or not you believe this is the death of the platform or just the beginning, LinkedIn is arguably still the best place to network for business and jobs. The platform is always evolving in how they present information  in terms of the Newsfeed, search, and the personal profile. Regardless of your current LinkedIn objectives (if you're looking for a job or for sales), it is always helpful to have a full and complete profile. Here are five things you must consider!

Publishing All Changes

Do you want to publish every change to your LinkedIn profile? Does it make sense for everyone to know that you are updating your profile? Could this signal that you are looking for a new job? You may want to turn off sharing of your profile updates.

How To Adjust:

  • Under Privacy Settings in the upper right
  • Privacy Tab
  • Sharing Profile Edits

Who Can View You

There are many reasons someone may look at your profile, or that you may look at theirs. Regardless, there is an element of vanity that is really helpful. If you are public and allow others to see that you looked at them, you can see who has viewed your profile. This can be tremendously helpful for many reasons including the fact that people are always interested in people interested in them! If you choose to stay anonymous, you will never know who has viewed you.

How To Adjust:

  • Under Privacy Settings in the upper right
  • Privacy Tab
  • Profile Viewing Options

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is one of the first things anyone sees on the platform. It is prominently placed on both mobile and desktop. There are entire articles dedicated to what your picture should be, but I always consider two things:

  1. Does your picture match the industry and role you are looking for?

  2. Is it recognizable as you? Your picture on any social network should be instantly recognizable no matter how great that picture from 13 years ago looks.

How To Adjust:

  • Click on your profile and simply mouse over your picture

Your Headline

In the story you are presenting on LinkedIn, you get to write your own headline. It should not be just your job title; you can change this to fit your current objectives and give a bigger picture of who you are. If you are an available freelancer or someone transitioning roles, this is the perfect way to sell yourself. There are lots of project managers on LinkedIn, so this could be a great way to stand out!

How To Adjust:

  • Click Edit Profile
  • Mouse over your headline
  • Click and change

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