Beware of These Emojis


Have you ever gotten a text with an emoji that seemed out-of-place? I sent a text to a friend once with cheese and crackers. Crackers The problem? My friend received cheese and a cookie. Cookie

This happens a lot depending on the device you have, and emojis can appear differently on social media channels depending on the device you are using.

Social media marketers should be aware that these emojis may have a different meaning when viewed on an Apple device compared to a Samsung device:

If you send this cute little guyEyeRoll from a Samsung to an Apple, the receiver will see a full on eye roll.EyeRoll

Even something as simple as the "grinning face with smiling eyes" looks a bit stressed out on an AppleGrin? compared to a Samsung.Grin

While both of these emojis express shock, the Apple version has closed eyesShock while the Samsung version is in full freak-out mode.FreakOut

The "disappointed face" looks far more somber on an AppleSomber than a Samsung.Disappointed

The "flushed face" emoji appears disappointed or sad on a Samsungflushed and quite shocked on an Apple.Shock

Lastly, beware of the "face without a mouth" emoji, which can look like a pig nose!PigNose?

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