Why Facebook Live Will Be Big This Year & How to Start

Filming Facebook Live on iPhone

By Mikey Dunn

2015 was the year of video. All major networks pushed native video hosting, and Facebook video changed up the content we saw on the News Feed. Now in 2016 – after live-streaming took off with Meerkat and Periscope – Facebook is pushing its own live-streaming service: Facebook Live.

Why Use Facebook Live?

Brands, celebrities, The White House, and Chewbacca Mom have all taken advantage of Facebook Live. Facebook is even planning to invest heavily in high profile personalities and the media to further push their vision. But why should social media marketers consider diving in? First, Facebook is really prioritizing and pushing live videos in the News Feed. When your stream is live, it will likely appear at the top of your audience’s feeds without the need for any advertising spend. Likeable Media did a Facebook Live stream for our client Entenmann’s for National Donut Day, and it received over 15,000 video views!

Live streams can be unpredictable (which can be good or bad), but they are also fun! When streaming to your audience, you will see their reactions and comments in real time. Behind the scenes segments, Q&As, product launches, cooking series… the possibilities are endless. Once the stream is done, the video will live on the Facebook page forever. Then it can be promoted with advertising spend to reach the fans that missed the recording and further boost your metrics. 

How to Run Your First Facebook Live Stream

Now that you’re convinced Facebook Live is an opportunity not to miss, it’s time to shoot your first live stream. Definitely have a clear strategy and plan in mind, and have the Facebook Pages Manager app downloaded and installed to a smartphone. Tap Publish and then tap the Live icon at the bottom. Make sure to have video description copy on hand to type in before you go live, and make sure that the camera is facing toward the subject. Now you're ready!

When the stream is finished, you will see a Video Summary that will display the stream’s amount of comments and peak video views (which you can access later in Insights). You will even have the option to save an HD version of the video to the device, which you can repurpose for more video content. After a few minutes of processing, the video should appear on the page as a post.


  • Facebook recommends streams of at least 10 minutes. Longer streams have more time to reach more people.
  • The maximum length of a stream is 90 minutes.
  • Remember that there is a 3-second countdown before it goes live.
  • Don’t worry about shaky hands – Facebook will automatically stabilize the video.
  • Have a strong network connection (preferably wi-fi) and a charged battery.
  • Be authentic and film content that is relevant to your brand.

For more information about Facebook Live, check out this episode of Carrie Cubed with our CEO Carrie Kerpen, and for more tips check out 5 Things You Might Not Know About Facebook Live.

Have you used Facebook Live for your brand? Leave your thoughts on the new live stream service for the Likeable Media team below!