Get Smart with Boomerang

Boomerang and Instagram

By Megan Cottage

Boomerang is the creative app that lets users produce captivating content that loops back and forth. Boomerangs are stimulating pieces of content with a burst of excitement and can be exported to other platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. You may have seen them all over social media, because the app has become very popular. 

So what does this mean for you and your brand? Boomerang is innovative. Not many brands have chosen to capitalize on using this new trend, but if you start now, you can be one of the first. Whether you want to be artsy with your Boomerang, or show personality with a silly piece of content, the app allows you to be creative and fits various brand needs. Here are three perks of using Boomerang for your marketing needs.

1. Captivate your Audience

Your audience scrolls through social media feeds all the time. They see picture after picture, and status after status. Don’t let your brand's feed become stale. Boomerang will catch the eye with movement. Consumers have such short attention spans, but Boomerangs are only one second long. The app is great because it’s hard to lose your audience in just one second. 

2. Use with Ease

Don’t have the means to make a GIF? Boomerang is now your best friend. You can easily make GIFs straight from your phone, without fancy video equipment or years of experience. You don’t even need to edit your content after you shoot! With just the click of a button, you instantly have the power to make as many GIFs as your heart (or profile) desires.

3. Stand Out Among Others

Boomerang is a great way to jazz up your profile picture. Facebook now lets you use videos as your profile icon. Movement in your account’s profile image will catch attention and help you stand out from your competitors in the feed. You can feature new products or show off your brand personality with a Boomerang profile image.

Snapchat has been taking over the social media platforms, but Boomerang’s creative new content is a way for the others to fight back. Boomerang is still very new and many users are just now starting to use and experiment with it. Being one of the first brands to capitalize on this platform can propel you ahead of the others. Here are three tips to help you make the best Boomerang out there.

1. Take Advantage of Motion

Make sure you have huge movement in your Boomerang. This will ensure you catch the user’s attention with your activity. Your Boomerang should look completely different from one end of the loop to the other. Consider making things disappear and then magically appear again.

2. Think About Alternating 

Playing forwards is only half the content. Your Boomerang must look good forwards AND backwards. This requires some creativity and maybe some trial and error. But a successful Boomerang will be fun to watch come back to life.

3. Use it to Pinpoint Something

Boomerang is great for shooting things that might be hard to get in focus or in frame. Think about capturing the car that just zoomed by or a firework in the night. With Boomerang, you can capture the moment and watch it replay again and again.

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