Introducing: Social Media New Features Summary

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As a social media agency, Likeable Media is constantly on the pulse of new and exciting features in the industry. Today we're introducing our summary of recent developments from key networks, which will help take your brand’s social media presence to the next level. 

Facebook Audience Network

Audience Network is Facebook's answer to display advertising through third party distribution companies and apps. Audience Network has very effective click-through rates and CPC, however we have seen a very low Conversion rate. Facebook implemented these updates to give advertisers more control around placement.

  • Category Blocking: Starting recently, you will be able to exclude delivery into 'sensitive' categories. These categories include: Dating, Gambling, Politics, and Religion. When you opt in to the Audience Network, you will have the ability to filter these categories in the placement section of your ads interface.
  • Blocklisting: You will now have the ability to upload a blocklist of domains and app URLs, in which you do not want delivery. Blocklists can be managed via Business Manager, and can be enabled in the same placement section within the respective ads interface if Audience Network has been selected.

Twitter’s Conversational Ads

This month, Twitter rolled out conversational ads to all brands following months of beta testing. Conversational ads take advantage of both video and static images. They also have a call-to-action button that features a hashtag, which lets users engage and share brand messages with just one click. Brands have the option to utilize multiple call-to-action buttons to make the experience more customizable and organically begin conversations on the network. (Read more on tips for utilizing Conversational Ads.) 

Expansion of Audio Captions and Sound Metrics on Facebook

Since videos on Facebook start off on mute, Facebook now automatically creates captions (subtitles) that reflect the dialogue going on in the video. This has been rolled out recently and they are now making efforts to move it over to Instagram. The other exciting piece of news is that they just began rolling out “sound reporting” on ads manager that allows advertisers to see how many users clicked to hear sound in their videos. This is important as we push more of our clients towards video; it will help us make our videos more engaging and more watchable.

LinkedIn Display Ads

LinkedIn has launched programmatic display ads using first- and third-party data and LinkedIn audience segments to target the ads. The programmatic buying will be available through open auctions as well as LinkedIn's own private auctions.

Snapchat Memories

Earlier this week we reported on the introduction of Memories, a feature on Snapchat that allows users to save Snaps and Stories to look back on at a later time. Read more about what this could do for your brand’s approach to audience interaction with your content. 

Pinterest Shopping Cart and Visual Search

Pinterest is rolling out a number of new e-commerce features, including a shopping cart that allows consumers to buy from multiple merchants with one cart. Pinterest is also expanding availability of a visual search tool that recognizes products in images and pulls up searches with similar results after users click on those product images. Accompanied by the recent update to retargeting, lookalike and custom audience updates on Pinterest, this is a part of their push to drive e-commerce.

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