List Worthy Social Media Updates: July 22, 2016

Woman Broadcasting Facebook Live

Summer doesn't slow down innovation for social networks. This week our social media agency saw some key updates affecting large networks (and the emergence of some smaller ones).

Twitter Verification Open to Everyone

Anyone (or any brand) can now apply to be verified on Twitter. According to a statement from the network, the change will encourage people to find creators and influencers on the platform.

Facebook Tests "Quick Updates"

The world's largest social network is not discouraged by failed attempts to create features that take down Snapchat. The latest try comes in the form of "Quick Updates," a feature that is being tested by a select number of users. Essentially, it allows you to overlay photos with text and share them with select friends (rather than your entire friend base). Read more

Snapchat Adds Bitmoji

Earlier this year Snapchat acquired the company responsible for comic-book style illustrations known as Bitstrips. Upon releasing the ability to add the illustrations to snaps, the network crashed because so many users attempted to utilize the feature. Read more.

Facebook Live Updates Roll Out

Zuckerberg and his team really seem to want Live to stay. Here are some additions that were announced.

  • The new full-screen mode allows users to more room on their mobile devices to see the broadcast.
  • Live broadcasts can last up to four hours, up previously from 90 minutes.
  • Comments and reactions can be hidden. This is a clear attempt to reduce harassment that content creators and influencers experience. 

Periscope Adds Highlights

While a few updates came to Twitter's Periscope, our favorite is centered around Highlights. This ability to show users the best parts of a live broadcast, hopefully encouraging them to tune into the full show or broadcast next time.

Polaroid Releases Instagram Wannabe

In an effort to gain relevancy again, Polaroid has released an Instagram-like app that many would consider a social network.

Polaroid Swing is a feed of photos organized chronologically and searchable by username or hashtag (just like Instagram). You can even like photos or share them to Facebook and Twitter (again, just like Instagram).

The photo format is what makes the app different. All photos have movement of about one second, “captur[ing] moments as we see them – the crash of the wave, the hair blowing in the wind, the blink of an eye,” reads the Polaroid press release.