List Worthy Social Media Updates: July 29, 2016

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Twitter streams Hillary Clinton, brands try to figure out the Olympics, and Snapchat reveals a game-changer in ad targeting. Read up on the key social media updates for this week from Likeable Media.

Twitter Shows Off at the DNC

Twitter's efforts to showcase its broadcast capabilities were strongly successful during this week's Democratic National Convention. The network streamed speeches every night, garnering 1.8 million mentions of #DNC in the last three days. 

Brands Tread Carefully Around the Olympics 

The games are around the corner. If your brand is creating Olympics content, be wise. Know that when referring to the Olympics, it cannot seem like you are associating the games to:

  • Push a religious, political, or commercial agenda
  • Promote an event, sale, campaign, or competition
  • Sell tickets to the Olympics or Paralympics events
  • Name a business, website, or domain
  • Name any event, whether it has commercial purposes of not
  • Appear on merchandise of any kind

Instagram Lets You Search Places Now

In case you missed it, audiences are no longer limited to searching for hashtags or accounts on Instagram. Now, users can search locations as well. (We encourage looking up Bushwick, Brooklyn. It's highly entertaining.) But what does this mean for your brand? Geo-tagging your post can increase impressions and engagement by up to 79%.

Snapchat to Provide Object Based Targeting

Snapchat recently filed paperwork to secure a patent that will be an important piece of ad-tech in the future: object based targeting. Here's an example: Instead of targeting users who have revealed an interest in coffee, with object based targeting, you'll be able to target users who have coffee visible through their camera. Imagine drinking your Starbucks coffee and Snapchat serving you a custom filter or lens.


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