What to Do When Objectives Change


By Charlie Balk

There are countless business objectives that you can achieve through social media. As each social network expands its product offering, the list continues to grow. When we begin working with a client, establishing core objectives for success can be difficult, but it is one of the most important elements of our relationship. However, as we gather learnings, and as factors within the client's organization change, those objectives often change. As a social media agency, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and what allows us to be so adaptable to changing objectives is our diverse history of clients and objectives.

Some objectives Likeable has worked on include: audience growth, reach, brand awareness, engagement, web traffic, app installs, app engagement, lead acquisition, online sales and many more. Once objectives, audience, and strategy have been established, execution is much easier. But change your objectives and it may affect other choices around tactics, audience, strategy and content. 

The greatest key to being able to pivot quickly when objectives change is to have the knowledge and experience of working across different goals, brands and audiences. This is the benefit of working with an experienced agency team, but in some cases it can be accomplished with a very experienced in-house team. It is important to be ready and willing to pivot quickly when business objectives change. Is your team up for the challenge?