3 Tips to Dominate the Olympics on Social Media

Olympics and Social Media

By Alora Kelley, Account Coordinator

Every four years, the US population uses their Twitter accounts to gather behind their top athletes. Whether to rant about judges or share in the joy of winning, two weeks of intensive tweeting occurs. As social media marketers, we’re curious — what did Twitter tell us this year?

According to Sysomos, there were 3.1 million tweets mentioning the word “Olympics” in the U.S.A. from the opening ceremony to the closing. To break it down, there were on average 182,866 tweets per day, or 7,619 tweets PER HOUR in the US. How does this information impact a brand’s ability to participate in a conversation on a larger scale?

Here are three tips to help you for the next round of games:

1. Do Your Homework

Check what is trending before events start to give you an idea about when to jump into the conversation. For example, the most daily tweet activity this year occurred on the day of the women’s all-around gymnastics final. The US team and their star athletes were a trending topic for many weeks leading up to the actual events. Anticipate the trends, and jump in on the conversation if it’s appropriate. 

2. Know Your Audience

If your brand sells health food or sports equipment, this time is a great opportunity to dedicate the majority of your tweets to the conversation around the games. However if you sell kayaks, choose your timing wisely and enter the conversation only when the event applies to your potential customers. Don’t just tweet for the sake of trying to be cool if it doesn’t connect to your brand in some way.

3. Be Careful of Pop-Up Trends

The games are a time of national pride, but be careful as it can be VERY easy to be construed as offensive. For instance, the Twitter community took less than 24 hours to skewer Ellen Degeneres for her Usain Bolt tweet. Additionally, if you had tweeted #LOVE4GABBYUSA last week, you may not have known you would have been entering a conversation surrounding backlash she received on Twitter regarding her patriotism. Take a good look at the hashtags and words you are using in your content before posting.

The games can be a great time to get your brand involved in a conversation, but make a plan in advance for the best use of the two weeks. After all, they only come around every four years.

How did you participate in the conversation around the games this year? Share your thoughts with the Likeable Media team in the comments below!