Instagram Update: Community Managers Rejoice!

Community Management Instagram Update

By Jessica Chen, Account Manager

Instagram consistently looks for ways to ensure the platform is a safe and welcome place for users to express themselves. Always innovating and striving to improve the user experience, they recently introduced a string of new, high-profile updates and features: News Feed algorithm changesInstagram Stories, etc.

One update that went largely under the radar was Comment Moderation for its new Business Pages and for accounts with high volume content threads. Previously, one of the largest issues surrounding Instagram and community management is the inability to moderate comments on the platform. Pages had no control over the comments that were left on their content — a community manager’s nightmare — and they were relatively powerless in the world of Instagram engagement. The new update allows pages to filter comments and turn off comments completely on individual posts. This opens a whole new door for community managers around the world, now empowering them to actually monitor the engagements on their posts.

Content marketers will also benefit from this update. Although we always advocate caution when posting content, brands are now able to focus more on the content of their posts, rather than worry about the potential backlash that may occur.

Instagram is planning to roll this feature out further in the coming months to all pages.

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