Facebook Announces TV Streaming Deals

video content on many screens

Facebook recently announced new TV live streaming deals, which will draw even more viewers to Facebook Live.

Live video, or live streaming, gives your social media fans an exclusive look at your brand. It's a way for you to produce unique, interactive, and real-time content. If you're not using Facebook Live, here are just a few reasons to get started.

Facebook Live is heavily weighted in the algorithm, and users who follow you will be notified when you go live. Your live stream will likely appear at the top of your audience’s News Feed, increasing the likelihood of your content being seen.

People are watching it. Last month IHOP live-streamed pancakes on a beach. According to Forbes, IHOP’s pancake live video resulted in 385,000 video views, making it their most popular social video ever. 

After your live session on Facebook is finished, you can promote your video. This furthers reach and engagement, and gives your content a second life. 

You can create live streams in Facebook groups or event pages. You can also now restrict audiences to your live stream by location, time zone, age, and gender. 

Live streaming isn't slowing down. Benefit Cosmetics, Dunkin’ Donuts, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are already using live video consistently. That's why you should be an early adopter of this technology. Establish a Facebook Live presence for your brand and see what content resonates, so you can adapt your strategy as the technology evolves and audiences increase. Use Facebook Live to host a Q&A, take your audience behind the scenes, show a step-by-step tutorial, or launch a product.