List Worthy Social Media Updates: August 12, 2016

woman with headphones looking at her mobile phone

This week's update is all about opportunity! Don't miss these three changes that allow your brand to garner deeper engagement and more results from social media communities.

Twitter Instant Unlock Cards

Twitter’s new Instant Unlock Card motivate users to tweet about campaigns by giving them exclusive access to content if they do. Twitter also introduced analytics for its Instant Unlock Card, allowing brands to find out more about how many people are Tweeting the campaign hashtag, total impressions earned as well as the most influential tweets.



A few examples for this new feature are unlocking a useful infographic, exclusive trailer for a movie, or even a discount code for those who use a desired hashtag.

Facebook Custom Audiences and Time Spent on Page

A couple of months ago, Facebook released the ability to create website custom audiences (colloquially: website retargeting) based on time spent on a page through the API. Facebook is now rolling out this ability to all advertisers.

This new ability allows you to target by percentile. Thus, Likeable Media can help you target the top 25% of people based on time spent on the site, the top 10% or the top 5%. Given the longevity of their online visits, the hope would be that these groupings should be much likelier to take a desired action. 

Spotify Ads

Spotify recently announced brands can now programmatically advertise on its platform with either 15 second or 30 second ads. Advertisers will be able to choose targeting based on demographic information of age and gender, as well as user's listening habits and the playlists they follow. For example, users may now receive ads for exercise equipment when listening to their running playlist instead of ads that have little relevance to them.