List Worthy Social Media Updates: August 19, 2016

Man on tablet looking at social media

Turn your attention away from questionable Olympic swimmers for a moment to review what else happened this week. Specifically, Instagram continued to take on Snapchat, Pinterest showed it can still innovate, and more.

Instagram Will Release More Snapchat-Like Updates

Soon, Instagram will have what they call Event Video Channels. When users click on the explore tab on Instagram, the network will recommend user-generated videos of events they believe will be of interest to you. They’ve already been doing this with topics such as dance or knitting, but now they’ll also feature a personalized algorithm of videos. This is just one more update that takes on a Snapchat feature. 

Pinterest Releases Video Ads

Pinterest has launched video ads, or Promoted Video Pins as they are formally called. We all know video content is usually more effective than still images, but Pinterest has designed a special format for the Promoted Video Pins that is intended to make them extremely effective. The video will appear aside a brand’s other promoted pins in order to highlight and link to any products shown in a video.

All Eyes on Twitter Stickers

Can #Stickers help save Twitter? After disappointing growth, this feature is just one way Twitter is hoping to make a solid comeback. Announced in June and launched last week (with Pepsi as the first brand to test), our team of content curators are awaiting the results to determine whether this addition will be worth the time and expense.