List Worthy Social Media Updates: August 5, 2016

list worthy social media updates

This week was like a fight between Instagram and Snapchat on the social media playground. The issue? Instagram has totally stolen Snapchat's functionality in its new Stories feature. Find out more in this week's recap below.

Instagram Rips Off Snapchat

We're not sure a social media update has ever been so blatant. Instagram launched Stories, a feature that operates a lot like Snapchat Stories. In fact, Instagram's CEO even admitted that Snapchat deserves the credit on this new feature. 

This doesn't mean the end for Snapchat, though. The platform still offers Discovery channels, geo-filters, and lenses. But will that be enough to get new users over to Snapchat and away from Instagram Stories?

Facebook's 20% Rule Is Coming To An End

Facebook unexpectedly changed its tool that evaluates the 20% rule. According to our in-house designers, the tool now simply gives suggestions on how ideal the space text takes up will be. Meaning the more your design complies with Facebook, the better chance it has within Facebook's algorithm. 

Facebook to Punish Click-Bait Articles

In the next few weeks, Facebook will adjust its algorithm to better suppress click-bait articles. According to Facebook this is defined in two ways:

  1. A headline withholds information required to understand the content of the article.
  2. A headline exaggerates in order to create misleading expectations.