15 Community Management Problems

Community Management Problems

By Emma Chainani, Community Manager

Being a community manager at a social media agency has its moments; some not as great as others. I like to call these "community manager problems" or #CMProbz. Here are just a few highlights from my first year as a community manager.

1. That one guy who likes 20 posts overnight.

social media notifications

2. When you ask someone to private message or DM with their contact information, and they reply with it publicly. 

3. When someone asks for a link on a link post. 

4. Posting a GIF can go just right or quite wrong. 

5. Getting a comment on a post that's 8 months old. 

6. When someone wishes their friend "happy birthday" on an ad. 

7. Not being able to schedule a Twitter poll. 

8. When you craft a thorough response and the person replies with the same question. 

9. Catching a mistake after a post went live. 

10. What do you mean my reply is over the Twitter character limit? 

11. Facebook is down...now what? 

12. Finding the perfect reaction GIF can be time-consuming, but also satisfying. 

13. Trying to come up with alternatives to, "Thanks for being a fan," can be difficult. 


14. Wishing Instagram had real scheduling. 


15. The moment when you tell someone what you do and they understand. 

The Office GIF

Although there are some curveballs in community management, at the end of the day it's all worth it.

What are some of the #CMProbz that you have experienced? Share them with the Likeable Media team below!