3 Questions to Consider When Using Instagram’s Comment Moderation Tool

Instagram Comment Moderation Tool

By Kayla Bressi, Marketing Coordinator

Last week, Instagram released the keyword moderation tool. Here are a few questions social media marketers should ask themselves before utilizing the tool.

1. Are there any emojis you would like to exclude?

Sometimes an emoji speaks louder than words. Be cautious when deciding to exclude emojis, as many have more than one meaning and are used in a variety of situations. However, I did see an interesting article about Taylor Swift’s Instagram feed after her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The word “snake” and the corresponding emoji filled her comment feed. Comment moderation allowed for her to censor both the word and the emoji. However, it is worth noting that it did not stop the trolling. 

2. Should you simply use the default setting?

There is a default setting with a “list of words often reported as offensive.” Instagram has not commented on what words are included in their default list. You can use this alone, in addition to your selected keywords and phrases, or you can turn off the default setting and exclusively use your personalized list. Customizing your own list might be a better option since it is not clear what words are included in the default. You can always add more words and phrases as needed.

3. Will you enrage your audience further?

A dissatisfied customer might take to social to vent, and could get even angrier about their comments not appearing. Consider carefully what you wish to exclude from the dialogue. Where there is a will, there is a way. Expect to see users get around comment moderation by adding extra letters, misspelling words, or using numbers or symbols in place of letters. 


There are many positives to consider when deciding how to utilize this tool. It will allow users to block comments with slurs, expletives, and other offensive language — making Instagram an even more inclusive, safe place. Overall, it will eliminate clutter for community managers, making it easier to respond to legitimate, customer inquiries. With those advantages in mind, be sure to consider the three questions above when deciding how to utilize the comment moderation tool in a way that is best for your brand.

What are your thoughts on Instagram’s comment moderation tool?  Let the Likeable Media team know in the comments!