What Does Wendy's Twitter Tell Us About 2017?

woman on twitter

By John Kultgen, Content Director

In case you missed it, Wendy’s Twitter responses to users have gotten a bit sassier lately. It started with this exchange between the company and one negative user.


This exchange inspired more users to tweet at Wendy's, hoping for a similar witty response.


This spike in engagement hints that the following marketing prediction from Brand Union ECD Sam Becker has some truth.

“It’s no longer enough to be human. It’s increasingly necessary for brands to appear flawed, unpredictable, naïve, even strange, he says. Think Lincoln and the Matthew McConaughey ads.”

It appears authenticity will need to go farther in 2017. Audiences trust user-generated content more than branded content, so brands will need to go to new heights to feature influencers, highlight testimonials, and appear as if they are extremely in touch with their audiences. This last need is where Wendy’s approach comes in. The more it mimics user-generated content, the more it seems to resonate. 

However, there is backlash for trying too hard with audiences. Last year, Clearasil did such a terrible job creating memes for teens that they subsequently admitted that they don’t understand teens


Ultimately, there is an exciting challenge brands must leave to their agencies. It is our responsibility to find that perfect middle-ground that allows brand voice to resonate with consumers without seeming like the brand is trying too hard. 

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