Decoding Slang on Social

By Michelle Greenbaum, Copywriter

In 2014, we reported on 9 Millennial Slang Words That Improve Your Social Media Voice. Since that time, we’ve retired “thirsty” and “bae” from our vocabularies to make room for the next wave of hip words and phrases. While we’re not necessarily suggesting that your brand takes on the personality of an 18-year old, it’s important that you’re able to decode the slang you see trending on social to understand what the younger crowds are talking about, especially when it comes to community management purposes.

And now, on to your vocabulary lesson...

Lit (adj): when something is turned up or poppin’, can also mean intoxicated


Shook (adj): shocked or surprised, variations may include “shooken” and “shooketh”


GOAT (noun): acronym for “Greatest of All Time”


Sus (adj): short for suspicious, meant to describe someone or something as scandalous or shady


Woke (noun): the state of being aware or informed about current affairs or what’s going on in the community


Extra (adj): over the top, excessive, dramatic


FR (phrase): “for real” (generally written, not spoken)


Hundo P (noun): short for one hundred percent 💯


Bougie (adj): a variation of the word “bourgeoisie,” used to describe anything that is perceived as upscale


Are you unsure about another trending slang word? Contact us here, and we’ll translate for you.