3 Simple Tips For Optimizing Your Blog


By Jo Hague

We all know having a blog is essential for SEO and increasing one's online visibility. If you're like me, you probably also know how easy it is to lose yourself in the plethora of daily web content.

An estimated 50 percent of content produced by enterprises goes unused, so how can brands grow their blogs and continue to generate value from the content they've created? Here are three simple tips...

1. Turn Keyword Research Into Blog Topics

The best strategy is to focus on a few key phrases or topics that are really important to your company. Don’t be tempted to chase the highly competitive keywords, because you won’t be able to rank highly with them. Think about what your readers want to know; find out what questions they're asking.

You can do this using keyword research and available keyword tracking tools. Google offers free ones that do the trick. The information gleaned from these will give you a list of search-friendly post topics to write about.

Using your keywords in headlines and URLs is important, but there's a fine balance between doing that and writing headlines that incite readers to click and share.

2. In-Line and End-of-Post CTAs

Readers are short on time and want tools to make their lives easier. They often won't even make it to the end of your post, which means they often don't see your closing CTA.

Combat this by adding an in-line CTA near the top of your post that calls attention to exactly what the reader searched for. If, for example, this blog post was about Pinterest, it might include the following in-line link:

"Short on time? Click here to download our free Pinterest eBook and learn why the network is vital for driving sales."

Also consider a slide-in CTA that appears from the side of the page once a reader scrolls to a certain point. That way, you're highlighting your relevant offer without waiting for a reader to finish the post.

3. High-Traffic, Low-Converting Posts

Do some of your posts get great traffic but fail to generate business leads? If so, it's important to identify them...and then to locate which keywords people used to find them.

Don't forget to check keywords from on-page SEO elements such as URLs, page titles and headers. After prioritizing your keyword list (based on where the majority of your post's organic search seems to be coming from), you can incorporate those keywords into relevant CTA offers.

Also make sure to update your post (if necessary) and link your CTA to a gated landing page for lead generation.


Have you recently optimized your blog? If so, what worked? Leave a comment and let us know!