4 Steps to Create Memorable Content


By Hannah Baker

With the frequency of content throughout social media, it’s easy to breeze through images without realizing the amount of work it took to create them. It takes time and effort from a team of people to ensure that the content captures both the brand’s voice and the audience’s attention. I spoke with Samy Simorangkir,, an Art Director at Likeable Media, in order to get some insight about what it takes to create content. She helped to shed some light on the process, by outlining the life of a content image from conception to final edit.

1. Find inspiration

Before any work is done, Samy does her research. She follows numerous social media blogs to keep up with current content. Seeing what’s out there helps to generate new, fresher ideas for something that hasn’t been done before.

2. Brainstorm

Brainstorm sessions are used to bounce ideas off of team members and clients. It’s important to discuss not only the content, but its structure as well. Will it be a custom image or a stock photo? Will there be text, and if so, how should it be incorporated into the image?  

3. Create the image

This is where the real work begins. Samy creates the image in Illustrator, sometimes using a guide. She pays attention to little details, since they can make the image stand out.

4. Review and edit

Reviews are done both internally and externally, and there are often edit requests. Since her work passes through the hands of other art directors, account managers, and the clients themselves, she goes through multiple rounds of revisions. Though it all pays off when her perfected image goes out for the world to see!

Want to see her work in action? Take a look at the video below to see this process with a piece of last year’s holiday content for Likeable client Pure Barre.