5 Cliché Marketing Quotes and Their Ideal Replacements

By John Kultgen, Content Director

There are marketing phrases that have become so cliché that we roll our eyes when we hear them—yet they are rooted in truth. We, as marketers, share common problems. 

It’s my belief that these saying are simply inarticulate. Your teams and clients can grow if you challenge them to be more specific when discussing a solution. Here are a few classic topics in need of change.

“Make Good Content”

This seems to me as obvious as saying, “Shoes work best on your feet.” We all know that content should be good. The definition of good is where we disagree in the approval process. My advice is this: Try creating content based on what’s been popular with your audience in the past, but add new elements to test. Your content should always be getting better. Change this statement into, “Make your content evolve constantly.”

“Act Now or Miss Out"

This thinking discourages marketers within companies that have a lot of approvals. A regulated industry or a very large company might not have the freedom to act immediately. Instead, try saying, “Plan now so you can act fast when the moment arises.” This means have pre-approvals in place, or produce content that accounts for multiple possible outcomes of an event. 

“What Can We Do with Influencers?”

The use of influencer marketing is increasing, but so are other methods. Influencers should be discussed under a broader umbrella. Ask, “What can we do to amplify community engagement?” If you’re looking for the hottest way to engage fans in 2017, beacons and bots should also be on that list. 

“We Want to Be Cool”

It’s a mistake for brands to talk like their audience in order to be cool. Look at Disney. Or Lexus. These brands don’t talk like members of their audience because nobody talks like that, yet they provide a tone that appeals to their audiences. Try saying, “We want to get people excited about our brand.”

“Millennials Like This!”

It’s great to think about your audience’s age, but beware of overgeneralizing a large diverse group of people. Try to make your statements come from solid evidence. For instance, “Millennials have known cell phones since childhood, and we’ve found that 70% of our audience prefers texting over phone call support.”

Bottom line: Guide your colleagues away from cliché marketing quotes. Make sure what you’re saying is truly definitive.

What are some other cliché marketing quotes you can’t stand? Do you have a better way to say them? Tell the Likeable Media team in the comments.