Jump Into Podcasting: 5 Tips From The Experts

By Jo Hague

Are you thinking about starting your own podcast? Have you been thinking about where to begin? How to cut through the clutter? How to make it a success? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Podcasting can be a great way to get yourself and your brand noticed through a mix of social media and content marketing. It can also be a really rewarding experience—one that you definitely don’t need to be tech-savvy to enjoy. I asked successful podcasters and producers their top tips for starting out. Here’s are their top five tips.

Tip #1: Know your purpose.

Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO of Pure Performance Communications and host of Women Worldwide says: “Ask yourself, ‘What’s my passion and what am I trying to achieve?’”

John Lee Dumas, founder and host of EOFire, emphasizes this further, “Niche down, and when you think you’re niche enough, niche again. The more specific your topic and the value you’re providing, the easier it will be to stand out and attract the right listeners to your show.”

Tip #2: Equipment

“The beautiful thing about podcasting is you really don't need a ton of equipment. You can get started and produce a great sounding show with your laptop, a microphone, and a recording & editing software, such as Audacity, Garageband, or Adobe Audition,” says John.

If however, you don’t feel comfortable with a do-it-yourself approach, work with a partner who can help with production, distribution, and promotion. Jim Nico of the Social Network Station highlights the importance of working with a producer that has proven competence.

Tip #3: Increase Your Reach

Chad Dougatz, owner of The Hangar Studios, explains how today people are absorbing information in multiple formats. “Forbes sees marketing trends pointing to a massive increase in audio listeners. You’re probably not reaching your largest potential audience if you’re not using some form of audio or video media.” He goes on further to say, “Let your audience hear your voice. Be a thought-leader, entertainer, and brand. This is your chance to be you and to be heard.”

Tip #4: Measure Your Success

“The most critical component to your podcast once you launch is that you’re providing the greatest amount of value to your listeners as possible on a consistent basis.” says John.

Our CEO Carrie Kerpen uses Libsyn to measure the success of her podcast, “All The Social Ladies.”  Easy access to statistics allows you to look at download numbers and even listener demographics so you can see a snapshot of which episodes have seen the most interest. However, downloads aren’t the only number you should be thinking of keeping track of — social media engagement, rankings, and reviews are also important.

Tip #5: Marketing & Launch Plan

Jim advocates having “a quality marketing and distribution plan, or working with a producer who can provide these. Some podcasts have great content, but don’t reach a large enough audience.”

“Don't miss out on gaining momentum with your podcast early. Putting together a launch plan and creating an event around your podcast's launch will help you spread the word and hopefully climb the charts early on platforms like iTunes and Stitcher,” advises John.

Have you recently jumped into podcasting? What tips would you share? Share your thoughts with the Likeable Media team in the comments below!