3 Ways Freebies Will Help Your Brand


By Casey Danton

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Receiving a freebie could make someone's day. So, is giving away product a successful brand strategy? There are a few different methods for hosting giveaways and creating moments of surprise and delight for your community. Let's look at the benefits of some of them! 

Social media giveaways are a fantastic way to interact with your community.

Giveaways show that you appreciate your followers and reward them for their loyalty. Running giveaways and campaigns also trains your community to check your social media accounts frequently. Not only will customers see your content and new products when they return, but they will also become familiar with your brand, voice, and offerings.

Zoya is a beauty brand that hosts weekly social giveaways as well as numerous other campaigns on their social media channels. They run a contest called Win Me Wednesday each week. Their most recent contest resulted in over 2,400 entries! Many of these entries are from dedicated fans who return weekly to enter on Facebook. Zoya also hosts giveaways on Instagram and Twitter, and it's likely that the same people enter there as well to increase their chances of winning and to enter new contests. Increasing traffic to your brand's social media pages is always a plus!

You can also surprise and delight influencers.

Every product or brand has an influential subset of their target audience. It could be mommy bloggers for a juice brand or beauty Youtubers for a cosmetics company. Engage with the community and identify influencers. Turning influencers into fans could be as easy as proving them with a free product. When influencers receive items from brands they often share pictures and reviews with their large following. Offering free product to an influencer also fosters a relationship, increases the likelihood of future posts, and gives them a positive experience with your brand.

Free gifts will always generate content from your community.

Posting user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to authentically share how people engage with your product. Just make sure to ask for their permission before you post it on your brand's page. You may be surprised by the creativity and quality of your fans' images and copy! When fans share their enthusiasm for a product it creates a ripple effect that travels through their following and points back to your brand. 

What are you waiting for? Offer some freebies to help get your social media channels jumping. 

Does your brand give away freebies? What reactions have you seen from your brand's fans?