When Silence Isn't Golden

Negative Blog.jpg


By Keith Murray

Unavoidable. Stressful. Requires your response.

What am I describing? The ever-so-daunting negative comment. But don't worry, I’m here to tell you three ways to overcome your fear of negative comments.

1. Be realistic.

No business is perfect, and yours will definitely piss someone off at some point. Knowing that you’ll receive some negativity on your social pages helps you anticipate how to handle these comments.

2. Be prepared. 

As a brand, you should have a crisis plan (if not, we should be having a different conversation) ready to be implemented once you receive a negative comment, whether it be an "all hands on deck" situation or simply directing the consumer to Customer Service.

3. Be honest.

Negative reviews don’t kill brands, but not replying to them does. There will be times when your team doesn’t have an immediate answer, and that’s okay as long as you communicate this. Apologize for the negative experience, let the consumer know you’re looking into what happened, and be sure to follow up once you do find the answer. You might be surprised by how an angry consumer can be calmed down just with the knowledge that you're looking for solutions.

Hide it or respond? How you would handle a negative comment?