Q&A with Likeable President, Rachel Hadley

Likeable President, Rachel Hadley

By John Kultgen and Rachel Hadley

Likeable Media recently promoted Rachel Hadley to the position of president. I sat down with Rachel to discuss her experience, her vision, and her opinion on some likeable topics.

John: Congratulations! What are you most excited about as you transition into the role of Likeable Media President?
Rachel: I’m humbled that Carrie has given me the opportunity to own some key decisions that come with my new role. We have experienced a lot of success in the last 18 months, which has led to growing pains that I’m hoping to ease as quickly as possible. I’m looking forward to making a few key hires and elevating current employees to take us to the next level!

How will CEO Carrie Kerpen's role differ from yours? 
Carrie is the founder, owner and visionary. My role is to manage the team and the day-to-day responsibilities for all of our departments which will allow her to step back and focus on the bigger picture. Also, she gets tons of speaking requests that I’m hoping she can accept more frequently. She is such a great speaker and role model — especially for young women!

Everyone here knows you love football. What's your favorite thing about it? 
I love the entertainment aspect. When I lived in the South, tailgating was something we did every weekend! I love cooking for big groups of people. Football games create amazing environments that allow people to show their passion in the most hilarious ways. It’s embarrassing how many New Orleans Saints “things” I own. I love the agonizing back-and-forth scoring in the last few minutes of a game just as much as the joy of a huge victory!

You also love Broadway. Tell us: Is Hamilton really worth all of the hype? 
Yes! I love the way it translates even for people who don’t have the opportunity to see the production on stage. If you haven’t listened to the cast recording yet, I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve listened to it countless times and learn something new each time I hear it. I love it for road trips. It’s the best audio book you will ever listen to!

You have extensive experience in public relations. How do you think PR differs from social media? Are there similarities? 
They are completely different functions, but they require strong listening and communication skills. I think the most successful brands have PR departments and social media teams working together. Integration is key. 

In three words or less, what makes a really good agency-client partnership? 
Partner. Not vendor.

We've looked at the data, and cat content wins over dog content online. In your opinion, why do cats rule? 
All cats are hilarious. I don’t consider myself a crazy cat person, even though I have two of them. I love dogs as well. But the truth is that our cats crack me up every single day — and I probably have more pictures of our cats on my cell phone than anything else. (I guess that makes me a crazy cat person!?)

Are Millennials that different to manage than other generations? 
Absolutely. Also, millennials over the age of 29 are incredibly different than millennials under the age of 28. Generational differences aside though, the best way to manage anyone is to consider how they want to be treated. What works for them and what doesn’t? While there are commonalities that can be found with just about any group of people — and similarities based on age is one way to guess specific preferences — it’s hard to categorize all millennials a specific way. My managerial style varies depending on who I am working with. 

What's your favorite emoji to use?
Thumbs up. It’s so Likeable! 

Lastly, why Likeable Media? What makes you want to lead this place specifically?
Likeable is a really special place with an incredible team and terrific clients. The Kerpens hold the same values about business that I hold, which create an environment that is balanced and happy without sacrificing great work. I’ve seen in my career that happy people with professional growth opportunities on the horizon perform better than the alternative. We make growth a priority and truly care about our team. Importantly, we hold everyone to our core values: accountable, driven, passionate and likeable. It’s an amazing place to work!

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