5 Reasons to Attend Social Fresh 2015

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By Carrie Kerpen

I'm excited to be attending Social Fresh 2015 (September 23-25th) in Tampa after speaking last year because this conference is really valuable.

Here are the top five reasons that I recommend attending:

1. There is a single track of smart marketers

You don't get overwhelmed with places to go. It's just the smartest, brightest and best in social media speaking to you in short segments. It's fabulous!

2. There's an amazing mix of strategy and elements

At Social Fresh you learn how-to, but you also get inspireda rare mix to find at a conference.

This year, leaders from Dannon, Patron, The Today Show, Buffer, Twitter, American Eagle, Priceline and HP will be sharing social media marketing key lessons and best practices.

3. The conference includes diversity

When I went to speak there, I was amazed at the large number of female speakers, and I was so proud to be one of them. It's a great mix thereyou don't see the same people speakingand I'm thrilled to see such high female representation. Additionally, this is a great conference for companies of all sizes.

4. The location is beautiful

Taking place in beautiful Tampa, Florida, Social Fresh 2015 is in an amazing location. So, to get you to join us there....

5. We've got a ticket discount

If you are interested in attending, and haven't bought your ticket, use socialfreshconference.com/likeable for a discount. 

(I don't get a commission; I just really like this event!)

I'll be there with Michele Weisman (@ottogrl) and Tim Bosch (@timmybosch) networking and recording my podcast, All The Social Ladies.

Tweet at me (@carriekerpen) to let me know if you'll be there as well!

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