We Have to Teach Girls Not to Fear Failure


By Carrie Kerpen, CEO

According to a study conducted by the Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Melon Foundation, 75% of long-term career success depends on soft skills, things like grit, determination, adaptability, time management, and leadership. In order to thrive in adulthood, we need these skills, yet most schools don’t teach them.

Luckily, Girl Scouts does.

Stewart Goodbody is Director of Communications at Girl Scouts of the USA, the oldest and largest girls leadership organization in the world. As a former troop leader, I know that this organization does something incredibly important for young women and girls: It gives them a safe space to fail. Says Goodbody, “A lot of parents, I believe, see success as something that has to happen every day, when really [it’s] falling down a lot in order to get success at the end.”

In the video above, Goodbody and I discuss how parents everywhere can teach their kids how to put themselves out there, learn that their voice matters, and not be afraid to fail.

This post originally appeared in Forbes.