Get the expertise of a full-service social agency without the retainer fees.


Develop or refine social strategies that make sure all components of your social work together and build to a larger business goal.


Produce content that can stop thumbs but still effectively deliver brand messaging and generate down funnel actions like purchases.

Media Planning & Reporting

Develop paid social campaigns that avoid common pitfalls, enable effective optimization and testing, and deliver better results.

Community Management

Make social media a more effective customer service and loyalty-building channel by refining your social voice and adding rigor to your process.

"With Likeable's guidance, we've drastically improved our cost per results across ad campaigns, and we've seen an uptick in calls and private messages with questions about our product in just a few weeks!"

– Jennifer Gilbert, Marketing Manager of Real Food Blends

As a social media agency, we have a deep bench of specialists in every niche of the field. As a small in-house team, you don’t have that luxury. That’s why we developed Smarter Social™ just for you. It’s a practical training program designed to up your team’s strategic thinking as well as their executional skills. Through a mix of lectures and hands-on training sessions, our proven program can transform your team’s output and results very quickly.

Smarter Social™ is your launch pad to better social media results.

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