Stop & Shop Beyond the Aisles


In the wake of a work stoppage by its employees, Stop & Shop wanted to drive positive social sentiment and increase awareness of what it does for its communities, customers, and employees.


This four-part episodic series shined a light on meaningful contributions and connections that Stop & Shop makes every day within the communities that the brand is a part of. These emotionally driven videos showcased unique examples of how Stop & Shop supports its employees and customers by investing in them and the areas where the company operates.

We went “Beyond the Aisles” to tell the stories of:

Grace, a teenager in remission from cancer who was supported by her family’s local Stop & Shop and the brand’s partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering

Stephen, a store manager whose passion for volunteering at a local food bank was supported by Stop & Shop and his team

Tom, an associate who Stop & Shop supported in numerous ways while his infant faced challenging medical issues

Angela, a store manager whose dedication to serving her community came to fruition while fueling a local 5K with a farmer’s market comprised of Stop & Shop produce and refreshments


This method of empathetic storytelling brought viewers outside of stores and gave them an inside look at the great impact Stop & Shop makes in its local communities.

To date, this content:

• Garnered 892,500 video views


• Exceeded ad recall lift benchmark by 73%

• Exceeded engagement rate benchmark by 576%

• Exceeded ad sentiment benchmark by 92%

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