Seamless How New York Eats


Seamless had run a successful OOH campaign called “How New York Eats.” The creative was pervasive and memorable, and Seamless wanted to capitalize by extending the campaign to social. There was only one problem. The creative, while memorable, was clearly meant for OOH only. How could a food brand on social run a campaign that featured no food?


The first thing we did was ask ourselves: How does New York really eat? The solution became obvious. New Yorkers eat based on their delivery radius—but not in a way that’s restrictive. They do so in a way that contributes to the city’s vibrant neighborhood culture. A way that makes every pocket of the city feel different.

Our social campaign celebrated this insight. In the style of the memorable OOH ads, we created different logos for each neighborhood.

The logos allowed us to contextualize and connect each piece of content to the larger campaign, while still letting food be the star. Images and videos profiled the most distinct dishes from each neighborhood, with local chefs explaining how each dish embodied its community.

The campaign ended with an interactive Canvas that allowed users to explore different food maps across the city.


  • Increase in Instagram Engagement Rate from Client Average
  • Increase in Facebook Video View Rate from Client Average
  • Increase in Canvas Dwell Time From Client Average


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