Mindtree Employee Recruiting Campaign


Mindtree’s challenge when it comes to recruiting top tech talent is rooted in an inconvenient truth: from an outside perspective, IT services can sound quite unexciting. The brand needed to position itself to look as fun and engaging as it is accomplished and impactful. Mindtree aimed to produce recruiting content that represented who they are, at every level—and that meant injecting some fun into its feeds. The campaign’s objectives were to increase fan engagement, increase awareness of Mindtree’s work and culture, and drive clicks to the career page of its website and applications to the company’s open positions within the United States.


Likeable addressed the given challenge by building out a strategic recruiting playbook that included a mission, brand positioning, content pillars, platform activations, and specific KPIs. The campaign’s mission was to use social media to improve company perception among experienced tech professionals as well as existing U.S. employees. We positioned the brand as the company next door—a friendly, relatable place where individual voices are heard, collaborative decisions are made, and trust is placed in every employee.

To ensure strong branding and consistency across the candidate journey, content was developed within three pillars: The Philosophy Of Possible, Mindtree Minds, and The Company Next Door. Specific content pieces included blog posts on emerging industry trends, employee origin stories set to mirror Mindtree’s own advancement, a 360-degree video tour of their proprietary digital innovation hub, a look into the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy and impact, its mission of empowering and elevating women in STEM, fun pop culture polls and matchups, and compilations of employees describing Mindtree in one word, the moment they knew Mindtree was the right fit for them, their favorite projects at Mindtree, and how they’ve been empowered through the culture and work.

The content we created was then seeded across both Facebook and LinkedIn in video, Canvas, blog, Carousel, and Lead Form formats, optimized for video views, link clicks, and conversions.



  • Completed Job Applications

  • Application Rate

  • Improvement on Engagement Rate Compared to Company’s Regular Content

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