Community Management

Brands aren’t human, but the people behind them are.

Engagement is peace of mind. Our around-the-clock community management team listens to what customers are saying, allowing your brand to capitalize on opportunities to join the conversation. They plan for both campaigns and crises, working with you to create a Brand Bible to reference in any scenario. And most important, they keep fans loyal by engaging quickly and enthusiastically, making sure no issue is left unresolved.

  • Customer Engagement

    When customers comment, tweet, post, and share, you want someone on your social pages responding right away to keep the positive momentum going, help solve problems, or raise awareness. Our team of highly-trained community managers will make sure every post to your channels gets an individual response in the brand’s distinct voice, all at the speed of social.

  • Page Moderation

    Social is your brand’s storefront on digital, and it is critical to keep the environment welcoming and free from inappropriate content. Our moderation services are 100% human-powered and scaleable to your needs—we can provide ‘round the clock monitoring, coverage when you can’t (nights and weekends), or take control only during the most crucial hours of the day.

  • Listening & Reporting

    Community managers are the link between your brand and your customers on social. We listen to what your customers are saying, how they’re reacting, what their sentiment is, and what they’re suggesting. We sort and categorize all feedback to identify trends and issues, delivering insights not just on customer reaction to content, but also the brand’s product or service itself.

“I was consistently impressed by the team's ability to represent our brand voice across social channels and in every interaction with our community.” 

— Jennifer Betka, Chief Marketing Officer at StubHub

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