Community Management

Brands aren’t human, but the people behind them are.

  • Customer Engagement

    When customers comment, tweet, post, and share, you want someone to engage with them quickly and enthusiastically. Our highly-trained community managers will respond to each post in your brand’s distinct voice, all at the speed of social.

  • Page Moderation

    Social is your brand’s digital storefront, and it’s important to keep the environment clean. That’s why we provide moderation that scales to your needs―whether that means around-the-clock monitoring or coverage only during the most crucial hours.

  • Listening & Reporting

    By listening to what customers are saying, we help your brand capitalize on opportunities to join conversations. We analyze feedback to identify trends—not only in customers’ reactions to content, but also in their experiences with your product or service.

“I was consistently impressed by the team’s ability to represent our brand voice across social channels and in every interaction with our community.”

— Jennifer Betka, Chief Marketing Officer at StubHub

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