Influencer Marketing

Build authenticity by leveraging fans and thought leaders.

Your brand can create an absolutely genius marketing concept—but if the right people aren’t seeing it, what’s the point? That’s where influencers come in. Whether you want to leverage the network of a relevant online influencer or turn your senior leadership team into influencers of their own, we can make it happen.

  • Campaigns

    We’ll search high and low to find the right influencers for your brand, and we’ll work with them to ensure your brand’s story is heard. From identifying and reaching out to influencers to guiding and managing the content they produce, we provide all the services necessary to run a full (and successful) influencer campaign.

  • Coaching

    Advertising is all about building relationships—and your company’s leadership is your secret weapon. Likeable’s influencer coaching program, created by our co-founder and chairman Dave Kerpen, will teach your executives everything they need to know about the power of influence. Dave is a three-time bestselling author and one of the 100 individuals admitted to the exclusive LinkedIn Influencer network. As a top influencer, he’s learned the ropes, and now you can too.

  • Consulting

    Influencers don’t have to create their own content—they can help guide yours. Collaboration with influencers can mean they’re behind-the-scenes consultants helping to create a series of articles, or teaming up with our creative department to star in a video for your social channels.

“Influence is a vital social currency in today’s connected world. Thanks to Likeable’s coaching program, I was able to successfully grow my social media audience, build a strong personal brand, and establish myself as a digital thought leader.” 

— Justin Udy, leading real estate agent, Century 21 Real Estate

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